NASA VIDEO And A Graphic Worth A Gaze

Posted on by Mark Nykanen

I like to share quick videos and graphics, which by their very nature can be taken in with a glance or two.  Climate scientists–and the artists whom they work with–have become amazingly adept at using those visuals to provide so much information to us so fast.

The first I’ll share with you comes via Slate, actually, which has a video from NASA showing that the Arctic ice season has decreased by an average of five days each decade since 1979.  Now, I’m sending you to Slate because its able astronomer and writer, Phil Plait, does a terrific job–also quickly–in putting the information into perspective.  So here you go:

Next, check out climate for graphics that will tell you the hot weather forecast for people currently ages four to thirty-three over the rest of the century.  The graphics are easy to read and will let you know at each stage of life what you can expect, because thanks to the warming things will certainly heat up.

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