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Mark NykanenI’m available to edit or ghostwrite your fiction, including Y/A. I also work with non-fiction, memoir, and screenplays. Or I can provide guidance on plot and character, if that’s what you desire. Regardless of the level of need, I have an extensive background as a writer of fiction and non-fiction. I’ve written novels for others, based on their ideas; rewritten novels that needed a final draft; and penned screenplays for hire. I’ve also written memoirs and non-fiction book proposals, which included sample chapters and outlines.

My fee is negotiable.

Process is important, but results are critical. I’m experienced and diligent. I’ve won an Edgar and four Emmys, and the attention of major newspapers and magazines (see “Books”). I’ve also had a recent bestseller in Germany, along with a great deal of praise for my work from European reviewers and readers.

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Ghostwritten Novels Sell to Major Publishers

In 2013, 2014, and 2016 I ghostwrote three more books that sold to major houses.

Comments from authors and writers (most of whom are my clients):

“Mark Nykanen took my novel, ‘The Tehran Triangle,’ and in less than two months turned it into a sterling, high-powered thriller. He deepened characters, enhanced the plot, and wove together the entire story in a riveting fashion. He understands deadlines and, like any good journalist, knows how to come through under pressure. My agent was also impressed, calling the book ‘infinitely improved,’ and saying the prologue was one of the best pieces of writing she’d seen in years.”

Thomas C. Reed, Secretary of the Air Force under President Ford and President Carter. Reed is also a noted historian of the nuclear age, and former Director of the National Reconnaissance Office, responsible for US satellite intelligence systems during the Cold War.

“Having written six books and over a thousand newspaper columns, I am occasionally asked if I’d like to write a biography or corporate piece, or ghost write fiction. That’s when I smile and say, “I have a better idea — Mark Nykanen.” Mark has the gift of being able to write engaging prose — a rare talent, but not so rare as having it combined with the ability to nail a deadline. (The latter is a trait carried over, no doubt, from his days as a journalist). If you want it clear, classy and creative, and you need it on time and on budget, he’s your guy.”

Dale Dauten, author and widely syndicated columnist

“Mark Nykanen had the talent, patience, and skill to make my writing shine.”

Christopher Van Tilburg, author of Mountain Rescue Doctor and many other books.

“Mark Nykanen is a supremely gifted writer and editor who combines the creativity and imagination of a novelist with the accuracy of a journalist and the rigor of a historian. He has been editing my work for many years, most recently a historical narrative that will be published by Farrar, Strauss & Giroux.”

Mark Feldstein, Peabody Award-winning journalist and historian.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Mark Nykanen. He knows what makes an exceptional story, and he helped bring out the best features of my plot and characters.”

Renie Kelly, screenwriter

“Mark Nykanen knows how to collaborate with writers and has the creative intelligence to really understand their characters, bringing them to life on the page and in the reader’s mind. Working with him has been a positive, productive and fun experience.”

Lora Lee, producer and Content Strategist


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