Author’s Comment:

Primitive represents a departure for me. It’s the deeply intense story of a mother and her adult, estranged daughter caught up in the “war on terror” and climate change. There is no serial murderer in this book; however, the environmental concerns that form the subtext of HUSH and Search Angel step front and center in Primitive. By no means a preachy novel, Primitive contains the same narrative tension that drove readers through page after page of Primitive’s predecessors. And in the end, the accelerating force of the story may make you wonder what is truly primitive.

Mark Nykanen

Praise for Mark Nykanen’s Primitive:

“It is a thriller pure and simple – the reader hops into a rocket sled and holds on for dear life, in a nail chewing ride full of action, gut wrenching fear and genuine terror. There’s no getting off once you’ve boarded. So leave yourself some time.”

John Atcheson, Climate Progress (Climate Progress was named by Time magazine as “The Web’s most influential climate-change blogger”).

“Mark’s book is a real page turner…but with a serious intent…to add to the ever growing body of work calling us to wake up to modern threats to our world environment.”

Sheryl MacKay, CBC Radio.

“Primitive captures the raw and rugged high alpine environment, a powerful, emblematic setting for this furiously-paced thriller about a mother and daughter, and the radical environmentalists who want to use them to deliver a desperate message to the world.”

Christopher Van Tilburg, author of Mountain Rescue Doctor

“It’s not just a page-turner, it’s a head-turner. It’s Dan Brown meets Al Gore. You can’t stop reading and once you’re done, you can’t stop thinking about its messages. A book that bookstore employees will hand-sell to customers and those customers will then insist their friends read.”

Dale Dauten, King Features

“More frightening than any vision of our future, Mark Nykanen’s Primitive depicts the reality of the here and now. A timely and stunning vision of what happens when true-believers clash, catching innocents in the middle.”

Ed Stackler, editor of New York Times-bestselling authors Greg Iles, Ridley Pearson, Ted Dekker, and others.

Publisher Comment:

Environmental extremists want to use her, corporations want her dead, the government wants her gone, and her daughter just wants to save her life. A “neo-primitive” cult with a doomsday secret kidnaps a fashion model and holds her hostage, forcing her to act as their spokesperson.

As time runs out and the world watches, her adult, estranged daughter allies with the activist underground in a desperate attempt to rescue her, while battling dark agendas from the government and energy corporations.

Published by Bell Bridge Books, a division of BelleBooks.

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