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Al Gore on Elizabeth Kolbert’s “The Sixth Extinction”

For my taste, there’s little better than seeing a strong book review written by a widely acknowledged expert, and that’s what we have in the current New York Times Book Review (link to follow). Al Gore, author, Nobel Prize Winner, and, oh, former Vice-President, reviews Elizabeth Kolbert’s new book, “The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History.” […]

Mega-Dought in California, Ocean Warming, Floods

There have been numerous reports about the huge drought in California, resulting in historic water lows. A piece in covers the story well (link to follow). Virtually no precipitation of any type has fallen during California’s 2013-14 wet season. The snowpack, if you haven’t heard, is at 12 percent of normal. Most reservoirs in […]

U.N. Report Leaked: Dire Consequences and Deadly Direction

Reuters and The New York Times have both obtained draft copies of a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC. What follows is based on the Times story and includes a link to the news site. To cut to the quick: Because countries have been so reluctant to take substantive actions to fight […]

Two Notable Reports

First, The New Yorker delivers a chilling report on valley fever. I came of age in Phoenix, which you might call ground zero for valley fever, so I heard a great deal about the disease growing up, but nothing to match what has happened in recent years in the American Southwest. Thanks in large part […]

Bad to Worse? Try “Dangerous” to “Catastrophic”

That’s the word from Nature, which has just published a new study that suggests the warming is even worse than scientists had thought.  (How many times have we heard that before?).  Slate has a succinct story (link to follow). The report says worldwide temps are spiraling upward.  Why?  Because as the planet gets hotter, those increasing temperatures […]

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