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“Abject Stupidity”

I know, that headline has such broad implications that it could be viewed as utterly meaningless, but today it applies to geo-engineering and climate change, so let’s narrow our focus accordingly. As climate change news gets grimmer–and as the headlines herald an increasingly distraught era subject to ever worsening conditions–we hear more about geo-engineering as […]

Al Gore on Elizabeth Kolbert’s “The Sixth Extinction”

For my taste, there’s little better than seeing a strong book review written by a widely acknowledged expert, and that’s what we have in the current New York Times Book Review (link to follow). Al Gore, author, Nobel Prize Winner, and, oh, former Vice-President, reviews Elizabeth Kolbert’s new book, “The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History.” […]

Mega-Dought in California, Ocean Warming, Floods

There have been numerous reports about the huge drought in California, resulting in historic water lows. A piece in covers the story well (link to follow). Virtually no precipitation of any type has fallen during California’s 2013-14 wet season. The snowpack, if you haven’t heard, is at 12 percent of normal. Most reservoirs in […]

U.N. Report Leaked: Dire Consequences and Deadly Direction

Reuters and The New York Times have both obtained draft copies of a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC. What follows is based on the Times story and includes a link to the news site. To cut to the quick: Because countries have been so reluctant to take substantive actions to fight […]

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