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Run That By Me Again

You’ll be hearing a great deal about the National Climate Assessment in the current news cycle–expect it to last for most of the full 24 hours. And then? It will get hung out to dry as climate change news usually does. I write that based on the dismal state of follow-up in mainstream media. Yes, […]

It’s Official: “The Worst is Yet to Come”

That was the headline The New York Times (link to follow) served up this morning for the official release of a UN report on climate change. But the “worst” is already starting to happen, as the authors of the IPCC report noted. To wit: –Ice caps are melting –Arctic sea ice is collapsing –water supplies […]

Sounding the Alarm–Again!

It’s starting to feel like “Groundhog Day” with yet another warning about the possibly catastrophic impacts of climate change by another august body of scientists. No matter, because most of North America needs yet another reminder because the disinformation campaigns by the fossil fuel industry continue to muddle matters. This time the American Association for […]

The Next Hundred Years

Interesting report just out from Millennium Project think tank. While it says future generations are likely to be healthier, wealthier, and better educated–and have longer lives–progress will come at potentially catastrophic costs to the environment, if action isn’t taken to prevent the environmental downside. Well, if you’ve followed the tepid attempts to slow down climate […]

“Cascading System Failures”

And what might that headline refer to?  You guessed it:  climate change.  A major U.S. government review that will be released next month as part of the National Climate Assessment warns that climate-fueled storms, flooding and droughts could cause those freewheeling failures.  According to the lead author and editor of the reports, Thomas Wilbanks, this […]

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