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Cartoonists Take on Climate Change

Slate has a terrific collection of cartoons culled from an international contest to draw–yes, pun intended–attention to environmental issues.  The impact of climate change on the oceans got its due this year.  The cartoons have a clearly serious side but there are smiles here, too.  Truly. Here’s the link:

Obama, Coal, and Perspective

So we heard from the White House this week about the President’s plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions from the country’s coal and gas-fired power plants. From the outset here, let’s accept that this is a step in the right direction, but let’s also recognize it for what it is: a baby step. The 30 […]

Run That By Me Again

You’ll be hearing a great deal about the National Climate Assessment in the current news cycle–expect it to last for most of the full 24 hours. And then? It will get hung out to dry as climate change news usually does. I write that based on the dismal state of follow-up in mainstream media. Yes, […]

It’s Official: “The Worst is Yet to Come”

That was the headline The New York Times (link to follow) served up this morning for the official release of a UN report on climate change. But the “worst” is already starting to happen, as the authors of the IPCC report noted. To wit: –Ice caps are melting –Arctic sea ice is collapsing –water supplies […]

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