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“Swarms” of Tornadoes

Sounds Biblical, doesn’t it?  Sort of Old Testament, maybe.  But we’re moving quickly from mythos into the hard science of meteorology here.  The journal Science reports tornadoes now occur on fewer days per year, but on the days they do appear, watch out because dozens or more come acroppin’.  The net result?  Fewer days with twisters, but more […]

Naomi Klein: “This Changes Everything”

“This” being climate change. Klein, an intrepid thinker throughout her publishing career, has just published her latest:  “This Changes Everything: Captitalism Versus the Climate.” I have not read it–the book just came out–but I will be shortly.  Meantime, has an excerpt that contains her thesis. It’s worth a few minutes of your time. Here’s […]

“Disruption” September 21, 2014

I’ve just had the privilege of watching “Disruption,” a documentary that is both emotionally moving and intellectually scintillating.  And, perhaps more important, it’s an enormously effective tool for bringing attention to the mobilization taking place worldwide for demonstrations slated for the twenty-first of this month.  It has just been released today.  Rather than read my […]

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