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Hottest Year Ever

So much drivel has been written by climate change deniers about a so-called slowdown in global warming that in a more rational world the news from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration would end, once and for all, the phony debate about the escalating heat.  Alas, we don’t live in that world.  We […]

What a Year

The good, the bad, and the ugly all prevailed in climate news over the past year.  Inside Climate News, the Pulitzer Prize Winning website, has an excellent overview of the year (link to follow).  Some quick highlights here. In May a number of U.S. government agencies noted that “Climate change, once considered an issue for […]

“Swarms” of Tornadoes

Sounds Biblical, doesn’t it?  Sort of Old Testament, maybe.  But we’re moving quickly from mythos into the hard science of meteorology here.  The journal Science reports tornadoes now occur on fewer days per year, but on the days they do appear, watch out because dozens or more come acroppin’.  The net result?  Fewer days with twisters, but more […]

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