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Climate Change: Journalism & Advocacy

The British newspaper, The Guardian, has come under fire for launching a worldwide campaign to draw serious attention the perils of climate change. Who’s upset? Big Oil? Big Coal? If that’s what you’re thinking, you’re undoubtedly correct on both counts. But the potshots I’m referring to are coming from the journalism profession itself, those mandarins […]

Governor Jerry Brown: ’92 & Now

In 1992 Governor Jerry Brown ran for the Democratic nomination for President. I was living in a log home on a mountain ridge in Oregon, having left NBC News several years earlier to write novels. I listened to one of the first debates of that political season on NPR. Brown was up against a number […]

Drought Drains Dams–and Electric Power

Hydroelectric dams across the American West are seeing significant—sometimes precipitous—drops in energy production. This is particularly acute, of course, in California, but it’s also true in Arizona, where I came of age in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Arizona is well into its second decade of what some experts are calling a mega-drought.   Wasting water […]

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