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Week 1 in Warsaw

The first week of the UN’s conference on climate change was filled with fury. Envoys from developing nations lashed out at the economic superpowers for failing to deliver promised aid to help their countries adapt to the hastening impacts of the warming. The angry delegates have ample reason for rage. Remember 2009, Copenhagen, when President […]

Missed Meals and Climate Change

The warming is going to be hell on food production, according to a leaked report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Food production could drop as much as 2 percent per decade for the rest of this century, while demand is expected to grow as much as 14 percent during that period, thanks […]

Burning in New Brunswick: Fighting Fracking

A fierce and fiery protest in New Brunswick over one very hot issue: fracking. More than forty Elsipogtog First Nation’s people were arrested yesterday after resisting police efforts to end a blockage of a site where exploration for natural gas deposits has been taking place. Heavily armed police descended on the protestors–and were met with […]

Ladders, Broken Bones, and Imminent Climate Change

Big climate story making the rounds today out of the University of Hawaii says that upwards of 5 billion people in the tropics will be the first in the world to endure a “radically different” climate because of the warming–and it will start by 2020. The researchers mapped what they found were “climate departures,” defining […]

Latest UN Climate Change Report

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its fifth annual report today, and the findings only add to the vast and growing body of evidence that human-induced climate change will take a startling toll on humans and a vast array of other species. From the report: “Human influence has been detected in warming of the […]

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