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Obama and Climate Change? We Need More Than His Hot Air

Bill McKibben weighs in with a fine piece in the current Rolling Stone (link to follow), detailing the grim status of climate change action under President Obama. While it won’t come as any surprise if you’ve been watching the White House, it’s still stunning to consider, as McKibben does in his customarily fine fashion, how […]

Abrupt Climate Change–Fast and Deadly

Big report out yesterday from an expert panel at the National Academy of Sciences. It’s calling for an early warning system to alert us to abrupt climate change–the collapse of an ice sheet, for instance, that would rapidly–as in days–raise world sea levels ten to thirteen feet. If that doesn’t give you a chill, nothing […]

Warsaw Ends

And so what? Another UN climate change conference finished on a note that should surely hemorrhage any remaining sense of hope that substantive reductions in greenhouse gases will take place in the foreseeable future. After hundreds of environmentalists walked out near the end of the conference because they saw how futile the whole process had […]

Week 1 in Warsaw

The first week of the UN’s conference on climate change was filled with fury. Envoys from developing nations lashed out at the economic superpowers for failing to deliver promised aid to help their countries adapt to the hastening impacts of the warming. The angry delegates have ample reason for rage. Remember 2009, Copenhagen, when President […]

Missed Meals and Climate Change

The warming is going to be hell on food production, according to a leaked report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Food production could drop as much as 2 percent per decade for the rest of this century, while demand is expected to grow as much as 14 percent during that period, thanks […]

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