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It’s True. It’s Dreadful. It’s the Hottest Year Ever

For months, climate scientists have been saying that 2015 would be the hottest year on record, besting–if that’s the word we want to use–last year’s chart topper.  Now it’s official, and not only did 2015 emerge as the hottest and sweatiest worldwide, it did so by a large margin. According to renowned climate scientist Michael Mann, the […]

Senate of Shame

America’s most powerful climate change deniers, some 49 recalcitrants in the elected body once revered as the government’s most ruminative chamber, stymied 195 nations of the world from reaching legally binding limits on greenhouse gas emissions in Paris. While the accord reached Saturday sets goals, it most decidedly does not require governments to reach them. […]

Another Crime in Paris: Climate Change Talks

The international climate talks begin tomorrow in Paris. Hope really does spring eternal, so it’s reasonable to look at the cheer about the conference with a touch of optimism. One-hundred-seventy countries have committed to voluntary cutbacks of some type, and they include the U.S. and China, earth’s biggest polluters. Historically, the U.S. is number one, but […]

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