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Nykanen is a four-time national Emmy and Edgar-winning environmental journalist. He's an acclaimed author of extraordinarily tense literary thrillers that feature protagonists who find themselves pushed to the absolute extremes of behaviour and imagination.

"Nykanen is a master of knowing what scares us deep down…Words have power, and Nykanen knows their secrets."

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Postings from the Post Apocalypse:

Now for the Sixth Great Extinction!

In the even that you needed more confirmation, three major universities have now concluded that we’ve entered a new period of great extinction, Earth’s sixth.  Researchers at Stanford, Princeton, and Berkeley reported that vertebrates, which includes those of us walking around upright on two legs, are disappearing at a rate 114 times faster than normal.  Since […]

Pope Francis, Groundhog Day, and Hot Times

Honestly, reading climate news is a lot like watching Bill Murray repeatedly pound his alarm clock in Groundhog Day, with, of course, a painful twist:  global warming isn’t precisely the same each time we read the latest reports.  It just keeps getting hotter. That’s the word from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s research arm, which Republicans on Capitol Hill […]

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