Carry the Flame

Carry the Flame

Gutsy...With references to ecological despoliation and oil as a precious commodity, Jaros's novel has a noticeable Mad Max vibe, replete with quirky characters and nonstop action. Tense, terse prose suits the setting and carries the story nimbly along."

Publishers Weekly
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Burn Down the Sky
Sequel To:

Burn Down the Sky

An intense, amazing, post-apocalyptic tale of unleashed terror and undying hope. This is gifted writing, and a superb, brilliant thriller."

Bill Evans

New York Times bestselling author of Category 7

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Nykanen has published his two most recent books under his pen name, James Jaros

Mark Nykanen:


Nykanen is a four-time Emmy and Edgar-winning journalist, and acclaimed author of extraordinarily tense literary thrillers that feature protagonists who find themselves pushed to the absolute extremes of behaviour and imagination.

Nykanen is a master of knowing what scares us deep down…Words have power, and Nykanen knows their secrets."

Salem Statesman Journal
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